Why Us?

why use us?

Colosseum in Rome, ItalyAs your professional travel planner we will be your advocate.

We don't stop working for you after you book your trip. In fact, we are here to help and advise from the beginning of the planning process until after the trip is completed. And we do this all a no extra cost to you. Many people think planning a trip without a travel agent will save them money.  However , many times that is not the case.

Personalized Service is a key benefit to using a travel consultant. We will get to know you and will match up what vacation works best for you. In addition, we can suggest different places for you to visit that you hadn't thought of and can help you decide how long to stay at each destination.

A travel agent will not only SAVE you MONEY, we will save you something even more precious...your TIME!

our services

We offer a broad range of services, some of which include:

  • Honeymoon
  • Destination Wedding Planning
  • Disney Vacations & Cruises
  • Family Travel
  • Executive Travel
  • River Cruising
  • Group Vacations
  • Family Travel
  • All Cruise Itineraries

get in touch

e:  lora@lgretreats.com
p:  317-513-6782

our travel vendors

LG Retreats has many resources and access to the best travel suppliers unlike the everyday consumer who may only  have access to limited information.  We have developed close relationships with these vendors and the value in developing these relationships is then passed on to you the client.